Intercom and Access Control Systems


Intercom communications have been the formal way of people to communicate, either from the front gate in a family home, in a more structured high rise apartment complex. The many benefits of installing an intercom system have been prevalent throughout our installations.


A main customer feedback note was the satisfaction in package delivery. When they were away from home, they would receive a package, the postman would answer via the intercom and if the intercom didn't get answered at the home unit, the mobile phone connected to the system would be called. A safe and feeling of complete control of clients' homes was also included in our customer feedback. Other benefits to your home and place of business include:


  • Adds significant value to your home 

  • A professional look for your business

  • Convenience for you and your family

Access Control

Access control relates to both commercial and domestic setups. 

Domestic- An example of a domestic access control system would be an IP intercom system that can connect to your phone via an app, you then would install an electronic lock onto your desired door entry and from your mobile you can lock/unlock your front door from anywhere.

Commercial- Security measures on a high rise apartment block or a gym is very different to a domestic setup, the key is knowing what you want to protect and what is the most efficient, inexpensive and practical setup that suits every one of your needs.

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