Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

CCTV is a leading system in the security industry that is frequently utilised for surveillance and has a wide application for business, residential and in the government institutions.

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Here are three main reasons a CCTV is a very smart solution to your security needs

Monitor customers


This is especially true if you own a store, showroom or restaurant. By having cameras installed, not only can you monitor your customers’ behavior (theft prevention), you can also protect yourself from any (potential) lawsuits by having video proof of unfortunate events, if that ever were to happen.

Monitor staff


The same way you use cameras to monitor your customers, you can also use surveillance cameras to monitor your own staff! In a coastal hotspot, like Bondi Beach, there are a lot of seasonal jobs available. Many small business owners rely on seasonal staff who might just be looking for short-term employment. It will be imperative to monitor newly hired recruits for theft and proper, professional conduct. If you suspect an employee of theft, surveillance tapes can offer the proof to help prosecute and convict them.

Monitor your property


We understand both homeowners and business owners need sleep. You can’t be home or at your place of business 24/7, even if you live where you work, you still need to meet with suppliers, customers and once in a while leave for important errands. With installed cameras, you can monitor from your phone, tablet or any portable internet connected device, and see everything that happens when you aren’t there. Lots of things can happen and do. Break-ins, fires, vandalism, and more.

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